An international player in the trade of components for agriculture, industry, mechanics, electronics and hydraulics.

Since 1978 Oscar S.R.L. has adopted a corporate strategy aimed at continually improving the quality of its products, expanding its operational radius and ranging from the agricultural to the industrial sector, from mechanics to hydraulics and electronics.

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An ongoing commitment to technological innovation

Flexibility, speed, efficiency and dynamism.

Oscar S.R.L. is an Italian company which, today, can boast more than 40 years of experience. A company which, over time, has managed to distinguish itself through its modernity, its commitment to continuous and in-depth customer satisfaction, its reliability and its continuous adaptation to new regulations.

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All our products

Components for agriculture, industry, mechanics and hydraulics

Oscar S.R.L. offers a wide range of parts and accessories for the agricultural and industrial commodity sectors. See our selection of parts below or visit our location with retail outlet in Carpenedolo, Brescia.

Axles and stub Axles

Braking system

Components and Accessories

Leaf springs

Light installation and accessories

Manure spreader chains, clamshells, grapples and rotators

Moulded components

Parking jacks and wheels

Slewing bearings

Soil processing components

Tank Trailer Accessories

Telescopic Cylinders

The divisions of Oscar S.R.L.

Experimentation, Growth And Development

Oscar S.R.L. now has three different divisions, each specializing in its area of expertise.
The Oscar Electronics, Agritech Business Unit and Oscar CMR are strategic business units, created to study and implement technological solutions in the fields of electronics, sustainability and agricultural mechanization in Cameroon.




I nostri prodotti

Prodotti per il settore agricolo e industriale

Sectors served

Components serving your industry

Oscar S.R.L. markets spare parts, components and accessories serving different sectors: agricultural, industrial, electronic and hydraulic.
We can be your reference partner able to respond to the changing and increasingly demanding market requirements.

Agriculture Sector

Industry Sector

Electronics Sector

Hydraulics Sector

Un impegno in 17 Stati

Oggi Oscar S.R.L. occupa un posto importante anche nel panorama internazionale, esportando oltre il 25% dei suoi ricavi.

I mercati in cui Oscar S.R.L.. è presente oggi sono 17: Italia, Regno Unito, Francia, Spagna, Grecia, Polonia, Bielorussia, Russia, Marocco, Israele, Senegal, Camerun, Costa D’Avorio, Burkina Faso, Stati Uniti d’America, Singapore e Australia.

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