Agritech Business Unit

For more than 40 years, the Agritech Business Unit has been researching innovative and sustainable business models for the agricultural sector, promoting the transition to renewable energy, robotics in agriculture, and the development of the entire sector from an economic and environmental perspective.

Agritech Division

A cooperative model that studies problems, trends, and future changes

Oscar S.R.L.’s Agritech Business Unit, which has been in the market for technological solutions and industrial machinery for over 40 years, operates through a precise cooperative model, creating economic value in the study, design and fulfilment of sustainable and innovative business models.

The skills and experience of Agritech’s staff are proactive and cross-sectoral: they work with the support of methodologies and tools to detect problems, trends and future changes in advance, in order to plan appropriate counteractions through structured high-profile collaborations, guaranteeing expertise in specific and diverse sectors, from research to production.

Agritech Business Unit’s companies and members implement the actions, relying on their specific engineering expertise, as well as supporting and securing additional technical resources.

The Agritech Business Unit successfully works for the private sector and public administration to implement high-quality and innovative projects for:

Promoting the transition to renewable energy and the expansion of electrification towards universal access.

Introducing robotics into primary sector production processes and transferring best practices in active competition with research and universities

Increasing and developing the share of added value retained by the primary sector, reducing the variability of economic performance and determining the conditions for expanding market entry by new players.

Devising models for the diversification and specialisation of the labour force recovered from the primary sector for the development of the secondary and tertiary sectors.

Fostering the development and pursuit of excellence in innovative start-ups by acting in programmatic cooperation with universities and industry to achieve winning go-to-market strategies.

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