Quality and certifications

Oscar S.R.L. is based on solid experience in the industry and continuous improvement of the quality of its work, in terms of product range and customer service.

Quality policy

Criteria ISO 9001:2015

Oscar S.R.L.’s commitment is always to the continuous improvement of our work
The Company has set out criteria, objectives and guidelines for Quality Management in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.
The actions to be carried out are diversified and targeted according to the fields of application:

  • compliance with safety regulations in the working environment;
  • security in data processing through appropriate control and management systems;
  • application and observance of the company’s established procedures and operating instructions in customer-facing processes;
  • verification of to what extent employees share all the quality principles the company has set out and adopted;
  • Staff enhancement and motivation with education and training as a lever for quality according to emerging needs;
  • improvement of the entire quality management system through an annual analysis of the state of the context and stakeholders to assess risks, opportunities and strengths.
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