Mission and Vision

An industrial strategy aimed at continually improving the quality of its products, broadening its operational radius and enriching its target sectors.

Oscar S.R.L.: History and Innovation

Agricultural mechanisation, digital technology and hydraulics

Agriculture, pastoralism and, later on, animal husbandry have always been the main human activities for sustenance and, until the end of the 19th century, were practised at the family level and always with the same tools.

Today, like never before, we are witnessing a transformation of the agricultural world and all the activities related to it with an incredible acceleration in mechanisation, through the ever-increasing use of digital and hydraulic technology for the management of operating systems and machines, “thinking” structures which contribute to running articulated mechanisms.

Towards a future with high technological and human content

Oscar S.R.L. was born in 1978 out of one man’s desire to make his deep-rooted experience available to the agricultural world.

Oscar S.R.L.’s philosophy is based on a strong synthesis of tradition and innovation: from the very beginning its founder, Claudio Osio, has adopted an industrial strategy aimed at continually improving the quality of his products, expanding his operating radius and developing his benchmark areas, achieving a solid and lasting dedication to the trade of components for agriculture, industry, mechanics and hydraulics.

Oscar S.R.L.’s future therefore focuses on competence, quality, research, efficiency, innovation and ethics, with a multidisciplinary and integrated vision, with high technological and human content.

Un impegno in 17 Stati

Oggi Oscar S.R.L. occupa un posto importante anche nel panorama internazionale, esportando oltre il 25% dei suoi ricavi.

I mercati in cui Oscar S.R.L.. è presente oggi sono 17: Italia, Regno Unito, Francia, Spagna, Grecia, Polonia, Bielorussia, Russia, Marocco, Israele, Senegal, Camerun, Costa D’Avorio, Burkina Faso, Stati Uniti d’America, Singapore e Australia.

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